Meet Craig

Craig Giangrande has served the general public for his entire adult life: as a worker, a police officer and a local business owner. Since 1991, Craig and his wife Linda have been residents of Legislative District 3 in Frederick County.  Craig and Linda believe Frederick County has been an exceptional community in which to work, grow a business and raise their two children.


Craig's Frederick News Post Candidate Survey

What changes, if any, would you propose if elected? As referenced above, I will insist on a moratorium on all new state taxes. The General Assembly has a transparency problem with its citizens, so I’ll insist on a permanent live streaming and archiving of all General Assembly proceedings. I’ll support fair, bipartisan redistricting at both the state and federal levels, something that most voters regardless of party affiliation agree with. Finally, I will ensure money is spent where it was originally promised. For example, casino revenues were supposed to go towards education programs, but through mismanagement, the General Assembly sent the money elsewhere. The same thing happened several years ago when the revenue from the gasoline tax was diverted away from Frederick County roads. Legislators are not fulfilling the promises they made to their constituents. There is a major lack of discipline in Annapolis. I will ensure earmarked money is spent appropriately. What is one thing you would do differently from your challengers? I will bring people together and not play politics. I will work with people regardless of their political affiliation and deliver results that create local jobs, improve schools and reduce traffic congestion. How do you plan on working with people with views different from your own? I have a record of working with people. In business you have to work with a variety of people with different viewpoints. In law enforcement you must work together with people who are in stressful situations. Success is when people work together. Failure is when people focus on divisions.   Follow the link to view more questions & answers:

Governor Hogan comes to Frederick County to support Craig

We had a packed house at our event with Governor Hogan today. Thank you to everyone who came out! I know with your support we can send a Senator to Annapolis who will work with Governor Hogan to put the interests of hardworking Frederick County seniors, families and small businesses first. 

Governor Hogan announces his support for Craig Giangrande ahead of Primary

On June 16, 2018 Governor Larry Hogan announced his support for Craig Giangrande for State State Senate District 3 and sent out the following statement: “I support Craig Giangrande because we need small business owners like him in the Senate, who will work with me to cut taxes, create jobs and change Maryland for the Better." -Governor Larry Hogan Craig has released the following statement about the Governor’s announcement: “I thank Governor Larry Hogan for his words of support and encouragement. Prior to being elected, Governor Hogan was a small business owner like myself who was fed up with the status quo in Annapolis, and set out to change the way the state conducts business. I look forward to bringing a similar small business minded perspective to the State House.  As business owners, the Governor and I realize the importance of getting results and not getting caught up in divisive political games. In the Senate, I will do everything I can to help the Governor to continue changing Maryland for the better by lowering taxes, creating local jobs and supporting hard-working Marylanders.”

Lets Make Our Neighborhoods Safer by Keeping Parents Informed

Megan's Law sex offender registration, born out of tragedy, has raised awareness of offender's residence and work locations. That is true here in MD as well as other states. One nearby state that I have experience in as a LEO has mandatory door-to-door notification for the most serious offenders. These "Tier III" offenders are required to register for the remainder of their lives. Here is a cut-and-paste from that state's law FAQ: "How will I be informed?" "You will receive personal notification of the location of all high risk (Tier 3) offenders that you are likely to encounter in your neighborhood. A law enforcement officer, such as a police officer, state police trooper, or investigator from your county prosecutor’s office, will come to your door and deliver a notice to an adult member of your household...." Maryland has no such door to door notification law. I believe the Maryland legislature should pass this as a matter to help ensure the safety of our most vulnerable citizens. It would paid for by the offenders themselves. When elected to the state senate, I will put forth such legislation.

Urge lawmakers to support Hogan's repeal of 'Road Kill' bill

During last year’s state legislative session, Sen. Ron Young and delegates Karen Lewis Young and Carol Krimm all voted for a terrible law that changed the long-standing, successful way Maryland prioritizes road improvement projects. They did this twice; once for passing bills in the House and Senate and once again overriding Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto.


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