Governor Hogan announces his support for Craig Giangrande ahead of Primary

On June 16, 2018 Governor Larry Hogan announced his support for Craig Giangrande for State State Senate District 3 and sent out the following statement:

I support Craig Giangrande because we need small business owners like him in the Senate, who will work with me to cut taxes, create jobs and change Maryland for the Better." -Governor Larry Hogan

Craig has released the following statement about the Governor’s announcement:

“I thank Governor Larry Hogan for his words of support and encouragement. Prior to being elected, Governor Hogan was a small business owner like myself who was fed up with the status quo in Annapolis, and set out to change the way the state conducts business.

I look forward to bringing a similar small business minded perspective to the State House.  As business owners, the Governor and I realize the importance of getting results and not getting caught up in divisive political games.

In the Senate, I will do everything I can to help the Governor to continue changing Maryland for the better by lowering taxes, creating local jobs and supporting hard-working Marylanders.”

MDGOP Candidate