Lets Make Our Neighborhoods Safer by Keeping Parents Informed

Megan's Law sex offender registration, born out of tragedy, has raised awareness of offender's residence and work locations. That is true here in MD as well as other states.

One nearby state that I have experience in as a LEO has mandatory door-to-door notification for the most serious offenders. These "Tier III" offenders are required to register for the remainder of their lives. Here is a cut-and-paste from that state's law FAQ:

"How will I be informed?"

"You will receive personal notification of the location of all high risk (Tier 3) offenders that you are likely to encounter in your neighborhood. A law enforcement officer, such as a police officer, state police trooper, or investigator from your county prosecutor’s office, will come to your door and deliver a notice to an adult member of your household...."

Maryland has no such door to door notification law. I believe the Maryland legislature should pass this as a matter to help ensure the safety of our most vulnerable citizens.

It would paid for by the offenders themselves.

When elected to the state senate, I will put forth such legislation.

MDGOP Candidate