Urge lawmakers to support Hogan's repeal of 'Road Kill' bill

During last year’s state legislative session, Sen. Ron Young and delegates Karen Lewis Young and Carol Krimm all voted for a terrible law that changed the long-standing, successful way Maryland prioritizes road improvement projects. They did this twice; once for passing bills in the House and Senate and once again overriding Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto.

For years, the state agencies worked well with local jurisdictions to get the work done. This process served Marylanders and Frederick County residents well. The county stood to benefit in the form of six important projects that were slated to be done so as to ease congestion and increase safety. Not the least of these was the widening of Interstate 70 through Frederick as well as major improvements to U.S. 15 in the city.

Young, Lewis Young and Krimm, for political reasons that clearly went against the interest of their constituents, went along with Senate boss Mike Miller and House boss Michael Busch and approved a ridiculous “grading system” that favors more heavily populated areas like Montgomery and Prince George’s counties as well as Baltimore City, all to the detriment of suburban/rural counties like Frederick.

As a local resident and business owner, I know that good infrastructure is necessary to allow residents to travel from place to place quickly and safely, as well as to allow businesses to thrive. I am disappointed that Young, Lewis Young and Krimm put politics before the people they serve. I urge all local residents and businesses to contact the offices of Young, Lewis Young and Krimm and implore them to redeem themselves in the eyes of their constituents by fully supporting Gov. Hogan’s repeal of the “Road Kill” bill.

Craig Giangrande


Article originally appeared at Frederick News Post


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